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Let’s Step into a brief intro of this rising era of Android App Development with Kotlin

Using the latest tools and the modern technologies, Apptrait Solutions curate each and every aspect of Kotlin programming language enabling faster and effective app development.

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Kotlin Rising Above Java

Kotlin is far better than Java

Kotlin arrived long before it was declared as the official language for Android app development by Google. But as  Google stood out in support of Kotlin Programming Language, mobile app development companies in no time replaced all Java-centric domains with Kotlin.

Undeniably, Kotlin App Development has embarked its presence and this is solely because of a pool of features it incorporates along with its clean design.

As of now, more than 15% of the total projects in Android Studio hails in Kotlin. Irrespective of the type of company, small scale or big fortune, Koltin App Development is the first choice of developers.

Why Kotlin?

Advantage of Kotlin App Development

No doubt, Java has been for long the best app development but with the onset of Kotlin App Development, the market witnesses a surprising shift. True that Kotlin is new, yet most of the mobile app development company is seen to adopt this new language.

  • Kotlin is 100% interoperable and allows Java developers to seamlessly merge Kotlin code within Java.
  • Kotlin is far more concise as compared to java. Where Java might require 10 lines of code for a particular problem, Kotlin would need comparatively lesser.
  • Kotlin enhances the readability of code and also allow developers to modify the code easily.
  • Kotlin as compared to Java is safer and is effective in the prevention of mistakes that developers frequently do.
  • Where Java would need developers to find issues all by themselves, Kotlin provides suggestions for the same.
  • Kotlin has multiple features an object declaration, an extensive function that has the capability to leverage the speed of development.
  • Kotlin compiler the capability to perform runtime errors and promote searching thereby reducing the developer's efforts to fix bugs.


  • Server-side applications can be built by Kotlin more concisely.
  • Application seeking server or client-side architecture use Kotlin as it aids the conversion of Kotlin code to JavaScript.
  • Lastly, compiling Kotlin code to native libraries is extensively feasible.

Huge Demand For Android App Developers

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We providers developers both as retainers and hour based for all onshore as well as offshore requirements. We, at Apptrait Solutions, provide round the clock assistance to all seeking Kotlin app development services. Right from curating ideas to designing high-quality apps, our skilled professionals perform an extensive study and dives into the depth of Kotlin Programming Language to build full-fledged and user-friendly application.

Whether it's your first app or you are a fortune agency, hire a  team of software nerds to relive your burden and aid development of a Kotlin app.

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