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Augmented Reality: one's a dream, now a reality. Half a decade back, Augmented Reality was something can we could only have dreamt of. But nowadays it has become a trend and an imperative network that co-aligns a variety of application and there uses. In our era, technology has gained so much that experts say we might be experiencing the saturation of technology. In the midst of all this, creation and progress we come face to face with a gem of a Technology, Augmented reality is something truly worth every penny.

Augmented Reality is actually an advanced technology that uses GPS, camera and several other types of equipment to present something unrealistic. We live in a time where you can turn anything in a walking-talking 3D hologram. AR involves things such as pictures, sounds, motion Images etc. Every aspect of Augmented reality is just mesmerizing.


Augmented Reality is the ultimate material for doing lovely campaigns. With the arrival of AR, companies seeking this technology in their marketing have seen a massive boost in the sales, reach and overall revenue.

In day to day activities, AP has taken a very major part of our lives. With our years of experience and knowledge of Augmented Reality, you can have the best AR marketing campaign out there. It is something that is gaining its popularity with every passing day. Thus, in order to keep your services on the tool, the best tool out there is nothing other than Augmented Reality itself.

Our field of proficiency

We already knew that one day the AR technology will rule over all the marketing tactics. Thus, we have been utilising and increase our base of knowledge about it from quite a long time. We have accumulated our hard work and talent to create ultimate AR usage. Hence, our domain is omnipresent for anything that even remotely relates to technology we know as Augmented Reality. Our field of proficiency is in these following domains:
Xbox App Development
XBOX Kinect solution
The most loved Microsoft product out in the market is Kinect. It lets the user connect is games to PC or TV and use it practically with the human body.
Oculus AR Development
The platform of VR
Virtual reality is also a part of Augmented Reality and we have an expertise in the development of numerous applications using this platform.
AR Mobile App Development
AR Game Development
Our expertise in the industry is undisputed and we can offer our expert services regarding AR technology in the field of game development. These games can be accessed and enjoyed with smart headsets, Smart glasses and new generation Android and IOS devices.
AR software Development
We provide our services for the development of AR-enabled software. This software has traits sound, video phasing, Image shifting, Motion and much more all at the same time.
AR Mobile App Development
Augmented Reality Mobile App Development
We have manufactured plethora applications on the native mobile platform using Catchoom SDK, Vuforia and Metaio with the combination of Native SDKs and Unity3d platforms.


It's an honour that we can address ourselves as one of the few top tech companies in India. This title is gained for having a great and in- depth expertise of current technology. Our products and services are solely focused on the end-result of our clientele.

With our expertise of Augmented Reality by your side, you can crave all the goals and objectives that you wanted to make a reality.

As we have years of experience and a team of exceptionally talented software developers, we can assist your business marketing needs. This can be achieved by delivering top-notch applications that will help you to boost your business manifold. Not just this but they can help you to run training programs all on your own and that too on limited expenditure.

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