Fun And Challenging Game
Fun And Challenging Game

October 29, 2018

Table Tap

Table Tap is a fast pace, high energy game that is played by multiple players on the same device at the same time.

It’s a perfect game to play at a party, or while you’re waiting for your food to come. Rather than each person getting disconnected on their own devices, Table Tap brings people together to have fun together.

It’s also a big hit with kids!

How to Play

As players surround the device, each player is given a “Tap Zone.” As the gameplay begins, some sort of challenge will appear on the screen. This may be a blurry image that becomes clear, or a trivia question that needs to be answered. When a player knows the answer, he or she must tap his or her “Tap Zone” and then give an answer. The group then decides if he or she is correct and awards points accordingly.

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