Protein Calculator

Incorrect protein intake is the no. 1 reason for failing to build muscle and losing fat.

We have put together a simple-to-use calculator, which shows you exactly how many proteins YOU need each day in order to build muscle, lose weight or a get a lean body.

This protein calculator relies on a complex algorithm, made by fitness and nutrition experts.

The advanced calculator uses the following factors:

  • Your weight (kg or lbs)
  • Your goal
  • Your gender
  • Your weekly activity level

The most advanced and precise protein intake calculator on the Internet – with a simple and intuitive design.


I love this app. It makes such an important topic (protein intake) so simple.” – Martin Andersen, Fitness Expert

I use this app to determine the protein intake of all my clients. So much more precise then the old rule of thumb, where we only looked on the weight.” – Catherine Schmidt, Personal Trainer

Everyone that wants to build muscle should try this app. NOW!” – Joe Ladowski, Nutrition Expert

Don’t waste your time in the gym if you don’t get your daily proteins. Buy this app now.” – Nathan Andersson, Pro Bodybuilder


  • Based on the most effective algorithm on the Internet
  • Easy-to-use
  • Personalized
  • Built by experts in fitness and nutrition
  • Shows you exactly how many grams of protein YOU need each day in order to reach your goals!


  • Exercisers going to the gym or training at home
  • Personal trainers
  • Dieticians
  • Bodybuilders

Don’t be that person who wastes their time in the gym. Let us help you calculate your protein intake today in four easy steps. Buy now!

Client: Mark Luvano

Project type: Fitness

Protein Calculator for iOS

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